SkySolutions Capital Limited

SkySolutions is a private specialized aviation investment company focused on the financing, leasing and trading of modern commercial and business jet aircraft, helicopters, aircraft parts and the provision of complementary services.

Because every Client and every deal is different, we believe in flexibility.

We are a small, but dedicated firm where the Client’s interests are looked after carefully. We take the time to understand your needs, your operation and your growth expectations.

We work for you diligently to provide uncomplicated, cost-effective aviation solutions.

SkySolutions has a focused approach to its businesses that makes use of its core competences and regional expertise, with an emphasis on emerging and transitional economy markets, to manage inherent risks and provide investors with high yielding attractive investments.

SkySolutions has worked hard to establish a firm foundation based on its core businesses of aircraft financing and trading that has allowed it to move forward confidently to develop new businesses and markets and obtain the necessary financing when required.

Multi-National Presence

As of 2010, SkySolutions has in-country personnel in Europe, the United States and Mexico. In addition, the team has assembled a global network of industry relationships that reach out to many other countries which include China, India, Australia, Brasil, Canada, Russia amongst others.