Consulting Services
Our consulting capabilities stretch into a wide area of practice. Whether it is debt reorganization, aircraft repossession, joint venture projects to fleet planning, SkySolutions prides itself in ins innovation, flexibility and global network to provide its Clients a resourceful solution to their objectives.

SkySolutions undertakes independent consultancy contracts on behalf of aircraft operators, owners, financiers and investors in aviation assets.

Transaction structuring and arranging
Business plan development and evaluation
Debt restructuring
Financial analysis and valuation of loans, leases bonds and other aviation financial assets
Financial portfolio development advice monitoring and development

SkySolutions recognizes that the requirements of the aviation market do not just stop at financing aircraft.  We have worked with companies to develop a variety of projects including:

•Maintenance Reserve Planning and Management
•Crew Selection and Training
Air Taxi
Fractional Ownership

SkySolutions brings not only its experience of such projects gained over many years in the industry, but also innovative financing that will help turn your project from a business plan to reality.

SkySolutions works hard with its clients, investors and financiers to structure transactions that provide attractive returns with as much protection as can be reasonably obtained.

Once the transaction is closed SkySolutions continues to offer management of aircraft and/or transaction through-out the leasing cycle to protect all parties’ interests through:

Lease administration including insurance and accounting
Aircraft inspections
Regular reporting on all aspects to investors
Monitoring monthly aircraft utilizations, maintenance, damage and repairs
Evaluating opportunities to sell the aircraft and leases to realize a capital gain
Remarketing the aircraft at the end of the lease term (for sale or further lease)
Cargo Conversions
Aircraft repossession

SkySolutions also provides independent third party asset management to aircraft owners and financiers.