Aircraft Lease and Finance

The market collapse of 2008 caused a severe impact in the ability to find adequate financing for aviation assets. Most major institutional lenders have ceased to participate in aviation, and most financing available today comes at a premium.

With traditional sources of finance no longer available, SkySolutions has worked diligently to develop access to a number of new sources of finance, including private equity, family offices and investment funds that offer higher LTVs and lower rates than many banks and leasing companies.


Aircraft Leasing

We can arrange operating leases, finance-leases or sale and lease-back and deal with operators throughout the world, with the exception of those in specific countries where trade is forbidden by United Kingdom or United States law.

Aircraft Finance

We work with numerous banks and private equity to arrange the best finance for our Clients' needs. Finance can be arranged for as little as three years and as long as twelve years, depending on the criteria described below.   

Lease and Finance Criteria

Typically the year, make and model of the aircraft  will make an important part of the initial criteria in financing an aircraft. Other variables that will impact the finance loan-to-value, interest rates and overall terms of a lease or finance proposal are the strength of the Client's finances, how long the Client has been in operation and the track record established by the Client in its operations, the country of operation of the aircraft and the types of conditions under which the financed or leased aircraft will operate.

Common Requirements

Typical requirements for the underwriting process of a lease or finance will include three years of audited financial statements in English,  a description of the ownership structure of the company requesting finance, a listing of the current fleet including whether the aircraft are owned or financed and a copy of the Client's current Aircraft Operating Certificate. Other requirements may be necessary on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, political-risk and/or non-repossession insurance may be required for finance.